Sandy Wollman joins Karen Rands to share his experience in growing the Westchester business community by cultivating entrepreneurs and encouraging more investors to get involved and syndicate their investment.  Karen & Sandy will also talk about the things entrepreneurs do to kill their opportunity with investors.  Read Sandy’s article in Forbes

Sandy Wollman has been on the journey of a Compassionate Capitalist for about as long as we have been promoting that concept to investors.  Before becoming the Co-Founder & Managing Director for The Westchester Angels and a Leader and Connector in the Angel Investing Space, he was a corporate engineer. Sandy started a professional career at 3M Corporation, and as he was awarded a US Patent for a hook and loop fastener (Velcro) with superior tensile strength. He became a partner in Carna Mills, a large textile converting company.  Along with founding the Westchester Angels, Sandy has been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs gain access to more funds for syndicating the offering.  Further to demonstrate his commitment to the growing the local economy, created and self-funded The Small Business Advisory Alliance, a non-profit organization, which mentored small business owners in Westchester County.

Karen Rands offers strategic services to companies in a growth stage seeking capital.  She is the best seller of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, a primer for investors to learn why what and how of investing in private companies.