The Westchester Angels are changing the model of traditional investors meetings, which usually take place at attorneys offices or shared workspaces. The Westchester Angels will be having investors meetings at signature locations throughout Westchester. This will not only enhance our member’s experiences but will also add value to each location.

Accredited Investors can register for our events by clicking the event box.

Future Events

Dec 19, 2023

In-Person and Live Streamed Investor Meeting

5:30 pm



The Rye Grill & Bar



Past Events

Reid Castle: October 23, 2023

Event Video

KOI Shared Workspace: Sept 14, 2023

Rye Bar and Grill: February 9, 2023

Tarrytown Music Hall: December 6, 2022

Event Video

In Due Diligence with all three startups

Captain Lawrence Brewery: October 27. 2022

In Due Diligence with all three startups

Rye Bar and Grill: September 14, 2022

Invested in Loliware and Kyto and maybe The Jet


Garcia’s Capital Theatre: June 14, 2022

Event Video

Invested in Better Rhodes


Jay Heritage Center: April 7, 2022

Event Video

Invested in SunRay Technologies


Wainwright House: February 9, 2022

Event Video

Invested in Clarigent and Noteworthy


Captain Lawrence Brewery: December 9, 2021

Event Video

Invested Busie and Mmmly