Westchester Angels invests in all industries with the exception of biotech. We typically invest between $50,000 to $150,000 per start-up with individuals writing checks between $10K to $25K or more. (Westchester Angels is not a fund. While we perform DD in groups each member makes their own investment decisions).

Our portfolio includes:

Industry: Green Technology

LOLIWARE is on a mission to advance the planet towards a plastic-free future. We’re an AI-Powered Materials Tech Company replacing single-use plastics with seaweed.


Industry: Life Science and Technology

KYTO is a Silicon Valley-based investment company focused on creating an ETF-like vehicle of diversified and thoroughly vetted start-ups thus defining an entirely new non-correlated asset class

Industry: Marketing/Advertising

Brandverge connects advertisers with their favorite media companies at scale, driving efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

Industry: Fintech

Ocrolus technology optimizes bank statement analysis methods across a number of industries. Ocrolus is the fastest-growing fintech company in the U.S. and the #1 fastest-growing software company in New York.


Industry: Web Services

StateBook is the first online marketplace for site selection and economic growth and development.

Industry: Marketing/Advertising

Perch unites physical products with digital content to engage shoppers, analyze behavior, and drive sales.

Industry: Cannabis

Arcview is the most comprehensive and cited source in the cannabis industry, helping industry pioneers navigate complex waters.

Industry: Web Services

Mathison is a SaaS talent marketplace that helps employers recruit diverse job seekers.

Industry: Security

SimpleSense is a modern information-sharing platform that decreases emergency response times by bringing better information, more quickly, to the right people. The Westchester Angels signed a non-binding letter of intent to invest, which helped Founder/ CEO, Eric Kanagy secure a $1M contract from the Air Force. A few months later, Eric secured an additional Air Force contract  for $9M.

Industry: Consumer Products

Roomie works with universities across the country to rent and sell beds to the institution and its students.

Industry: Health Care

Trust.care guides insurance brokers, advisors, and individuals to the best package.

Industry: Aerospace

UAT, United Aircraft Technologies, is improving fuel economy, maintenance, and safety in the aerospace industry.

Industry: Financial Service

Broker Buddha is a next-generation customer engagement portal for independent insurance brokers.

Industry: Food and Beverage

Jica produces delicious snack foods, including flavored chips and a new no-calorie tortilla.

Industry: Marketing/Advertising

Lately is social media management that turns underdogs into big dogs.

Industry: Angel Investing Fund

ARC Angel Fund invests in seed- and early-stage companies with high growth potential, with investments ranging from $50,000 to $250,000.

Industry: Transportation

Circuit is an all-electric, last-mile shuttle service that reduces single-occupancy vehicles and GHG emissions.

Industry: Retail/Distribution

HomeRoots is an AI based B2B/Wholesale full-service furniture platform. HR manages logistics and facilitates an ‘“Amazon Prime-like” buyer experience

Industry: Consumer Products

Fuego is a global dance-inspired athleisure brand with a vision of becoming the Lululemon of the dance world. Worn by dancers in 97 countries around the world.

Bloomfield Robotics
Industry: Technology

Continuous AI inspection digitalizes the health and performance of every plant from seed to harvest.

Bloomfield technology is an innovative, easy-to-use and cost-effective combination of ground-based image capture and deep learning-based processing to help growers precisely, efficiently, and affordably assess every plant.

Bloomfield Robotics
Industry: Food and Beverage

Mmmly creates plant-based snacks that take “better-for-you” to a new level by taking high standard for nutritional integrity and combine it with a high standard for sensory quality (deliciousness).

Bloomfield Robotics
Industry: Fashion

IN-HOUSE is no-inventory apparel marketplace platform with a roster of brands from top musicians, athletes, and entertainers.

Industry: Transportation

Busie is building Shopify for Group Ground Transportation, digitizing the end-to-end booking process and bringing inventory and pricing online.

Industry: Health Technology

Clarigent Health designs products to empower mental health professionals to provide better treatment for better outcomes. Their product, Clairity, intelligently triangulates mental health metrics from the patient, the clinician, and Clarigent Health’s vocal biomarkers.

Industry: Artificial Intelligence

Noteworthy offers AI to automate critical asset maintenance workflows for electric utility companies. They are the first solution that enables utilities to collect and analyze distribution grid asset data at-scale and at a low cost.


Industry: Industrial

Sunray develops novel electrical interconnection technology to make microscopic flexible circuitry. Their patented conductive adhesives allow for building electronic circuitry that is flexible and can be printed on curved materials or textiles.