In Episode 10, we sit down with the vibrant Sandy Wollman co-founder of Westchester Angels, a member-based angel investment group dedicated to funding innovative new startup companies in and around Westchester that are “disrupting,” or shaking up, current markets.

Sandy takes us through his early days of running his family’s textile business in New York City’s garment district, the non-for-profit firm he created to help small business owners navigate the start-up landscape and how his own career highs and lows along with the true need to give back to the community inspired him to create the Westchester Angels.

Westchester Angels

Sandy Wollman @LinkedIn
Sandy Wollman is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Westchester Angels. Sandy also leads an initiative that brings together the leaders of all the NYC Angel Groups to collaborate on deal flow. Previously, he founded a non-profit organization, The Small Business Advisory Alliance, to help small business owners get their businesses off the ground. While leading this non-profit, Sandy leveraged his 25 years of business experience as a partner in Carna Mills, a large textile converting company, in the NYC’s notorious garment center. Sandy started his career as a Product Development Engineer at 3M and was awarded a patent for a hook and loop fastener (Velcro) with superior tensile strength. Completed 3 Ironman Triathlons, the Swim Around Manhattan and was the 470th individual to Swim the English Channel